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If you are stuck in a thought loop to launch new Products, Services, or Programs: You need a Marketing Action Plan (MAP).

Our MAP meetings - consisting of 4-hour in-person workshops - will help Business Owners get to the heart of the Why, What, and How to plan the right branding messaging, promotional strategies, and business tactics for successful campaigns.

Planning Meetings and Workshops are designed based on your needs. Contact us to book your session today!


Check out our DC Products and Services page for a comprehensive look at our 360-degree solutions.


  • What You’ll Get

    • Step-by-step guide to a proactive Marketing Action Plan (MAP).

    • More than four (4) hours devoted to you or your team.

    • Clarity on the Brand / Product / Audience / Market.

    • Craft, refresh and/or validate the Messaging Framework to:

      • ​Align the team with a cohesive brand story and elevate understanding of the brand with external audiences.

    • The Messaging Framework includes:

      • Brand Narrative, Mission and Vision, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), Tag Lines, Elevator Pitch, Service/Program Pillars, Differentiators, Key Messages, Tactics, and More.


  • Work Session Approach

    • Session Pre-Planning (Before)

      • Brand Brief and Brand Survey shared with DC coaches/facilitators in advance.

    • Workshop Session (During)

      • Opening > Deliverable Building > Closing.

    • Follow-up Session (After)

      • Provides debriefing and Support of implementation

        • Suggested after three (3) months after a Workshop Session.




1. Understanding The Brand: BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal (Bee-hag).


2. Understanding The Brand: Background – Current Standing – Narrative.


3. Situation Analysis: SWOT.


4. Audiences / Client Personas.


5. Brand Narrative & Value - Problem - Solution - Action (VPSA) Messaging.


6. Strategy & Tactics.


7. Prioritization / Technology / Resources & Support.


8. Timelines.


9. Brand Assets and/or Needs to develop.


10. Budgets / Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

See a sample project below!



CLIENT: Caribbean Community Cares Foundation (CCCF)

CCCF’s mission is to elevate, celebrate, and positively influence the Caribbean story. For their initial launch, we conducted a Workshop Session for the team to gain clarity on the mission statement, build a solid brand, and develop the marketing actions to follow.


With the insights from the Session, we developed a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) with a new narrative, and designed a stunning website and visual identity featuring the Caribbean Hummingbird, as a Symbol of Freedom, Joy, and Inspiration. We also established a design system that they felt confident with in order to accomplish their mission and raise funding for their future.

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Pages from the Website


Slides from the Brand Book

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