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Client Highlight:
Evan Parra, Founder, RAPID DME

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?


I was working for my last employer coordinating medical supplies for people injured on the job. I noticed we would buy some items online. I wanted to be on the other side as a seller.

What was the inspiration for the design of your brand?


Service and Speed. We swiftly attend to a person’s need for medical supplies.

What was your mission at the outset? Your vision?

Use technology to make a better way to process demand for medical supplies. An alternative to the current regime that is better in terms of value and efficiency.

Where do customers find you? How do you market the business?

Online Webstore only, Paid Ad campaigns, Social Media, Affiliate Program, SEO, Word of Mouth.

To what do you attribute your success ‘till today?

The key to running your business. I attribute my success to God.


How is your corporate culture like?

Still a work in progress. Some cultural values I would encourage are trust, transparency, honesty, continuous improvement, generosity, compassion, desire to grow, desire to serve. Humility. Faith. Prayer. Purpose.

What is your company’s value proposition?

Fast and Affordable Medical Supplies. Personalized service designed to save time and money. 

What makes your brand different and unique?

This company has one operator. This means its agile, innovative customer experience is unparalleled. You have the same person dealing with customers who has the authority to do whatever is necessary to make it right for our customers. No one cares as much as the owner, if you have had your house or car cleaned by another person, you know what I mean. No one will clean it or care as much as the owner does. Lastly, our adaptation of new technology and innovations in the field is much easier, no approval process needed. We see something that enhances the business, we do implement quickly. It does not work, we take it down quickly.  Agility, Speed, Adaptability.


How do you give back?

Tithing, which is to give 10% of your income to God.


Gleaning is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest. This means we give away masks for free all the time when someone needs to exchange or return. We give back in other ways, but we do not talk about our charity.


What has been your biggest challenge during COVID?

Covid had very little impact on business since it is essential and online retail only. There were a few hiccups with advertisers Google and Facebook, but this was offset by the increased activity in online retail.

Based on your experience, what is your best advice on branding? 

Live the brand values you wish to convey. Practice them and set the example. Your behavior and brand values should probably be consistent or how can your heart be in it? Feeling motivates action. So stay true, don't be afraid. Embody the brand.

Based on your experience, what is your best advice on sales and marketing?

Hire Dreamcather lol.


Just like anything, open your mind and be willing to learn new things. Things are changing quickly, do you have the right attitude to keep up or do you know everything already? If it's not working, make changes and try again. Stay learning, adapting, and growing.

What would you tell the younger version of YOU when YOU were starting the business?

Nothing, I don’t take advice nor want to give it. I would encourage myself to develop better habits earlier and would share the outcome of those bad habits I developed to lead my younger self on a different path.


Anything you want to tell other entrepreneurs or prospects about your brand?

Work hard and never lose faith. Keep going, do not stop the fundamentals: Prayer, Praise/Gratitude, Generosity, Forgiveness, Faith, Read your Bible daily.  Business will take care of itself if you take care of these.


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