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DREAMCATCHER'S Competitive Advantage.

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At DreamCatcher, we get it! As a small business owner or corporate leader, you may not have the time or know-how to optimize your marketing. You may also think that agency support is out of budget. Well, that's our job at DreamCatcher: To make smart branding and marketing easy, effective and affordable under one roof.


Whether you are starting your business, growing your online presence or educating clients, learn how DreamCatcher is making a difference and changing the story. And, as added value and benefit to you, STRATEGY coaching is always complimentary. We now offer marketing support solutions for CEOs, corporate leaders and marketing managers.


This is what you need to know before choosing your marketing partner, website designer or communications agency:

1. EXPERTISE: Our team brings decades of marketing, branding, and digital experience with companies large and small. And we've owned and operated small businesses in the past, so you'll get a partner who understands your challenges, and captures the opportunities as well. Connect with us on DreamCatcher's LinkedIn Page >> and Personal Profile LinkedIn >>  

2. EASY. EFFECTIVE. AFFORDABLE: 360-degree solutions from "strategy to production" under one roof, including brand and logo conceptualization, website development, campaign building, graphic design, copy-writing, translations, email campaigns, video/photography, social media, and more!

3. LOGO & WEBSITE DESIGN GUARANTEE: We're so committed to making it right, you don't pay for the balance until you are 100% happy with your designs. Added value: New websites in the U.S. come with the "Google My Business" package, ready to go digital at no extra charge!

4. MINDFUL APPROACH: We apply mindful practices and attitudes to take care of ALL your marketing needs in a 'holistic' and intentional manner. Also, in order to help your business, we first assess and understand the owners' strengths and gaps.

5. METHODOLOGY: DreamCatcher's "True North" is a proven 4-step plan of action focusing on discovery, planning, communicating, and measuring all marketing strategies. Relentlessly focus on your next step, but plan, plan, and plan.

6. THINK & DO: We bring bold ideas and flawless execution together. We'll design a road map we can execute ourselves, or with the help of our extended teams—providing you easy access to talent and tools!

7. AESTHETICS & HARMONY: We take perfection to heart. You'll get digital, technical know-how perfectly blended with artistic and beautiful design—transforming your client's brand experience online. 

8. FULL CIRCLE CAMPAIGNS: You'll find a team who looks at your brand from every touch point (web, identity, video, copy, narrative, images, social & Google, email newsletter. print, and more).

9. HIGHER PURPOSE: We care about people, planet, and prosperity—not just temporary profit. If your values align with ours, join the movement! 

10. PROOF: The only award or social proof worth to us, is that which we get from our loyal clients. Check out our clients' testimonials below or head to our Google account for more.

Get started today with a quote or complimentary 30- minute session >>

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Livia Carvalho


Website Design + Strategy Coaching + Narrative + Images + List Rentals

We were so fortunate to meet Mari and Simon through a webinar! Yes, they are not only great marketing professionals but also amazing teachers!

Maureen Villatoro

Practice Manager

Event Planning & Campaign Launch + Video + Press Release + Print + Merch

They've helped me catapult our business to new levels by using innovative and creative techniques in their marketing plans. I highly recommend DreamCatcher as your future marketing team.

Eyda Jove


Website & Google Updates + Copy-writing + Brochure Design & Printing + Coaching

They are very caring and professional. They even helped me prepare for a Panel Discussion I was a little apprehensive but everything went well thanks to their input. I recommend them highly. 

Mary Moran


Website & Logo Design + Strategy Coaching + Narrative + Images

Brilliant work... The attention placed is undeniably outstanding in execution, far exceeding our expectation. We are very grateful for all that you have accomplished in such a short time.

Maria Anderson

Personal Brand

Website Design + Photo Session + Media Kit + Press Release + Google Package

I met them at a SCORE webinar for small businesses. I wish I had met Mari and Simon before. They helped me rebuild my brand through fresh messages and images. Effective storytelling and amazing video interview!

Alex Taranu


Strategy Workshop Session + Marketing & Communications Plan + Business Plan + Digital Strategy

Every entrepreneur should have this session! I did not know how or where to start my business idea. The workshop gave me clarity, and a way forward for my next steps. My partners all the way!

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